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30-Day Voxer Mentorship - "Guided Growth Path" $444 CDN

Join Leslie on the "Guided Growth Path," a tailored 30-day Voxer mentorship service, meticulously crafted for the spirited and driven woman in business. In this unique mentorship, you gain access to Leslie Rochelle's deep well of expertise and personalized guidance, all through the convenience of Voxer.

As Leslie continues to pursue her own career aspirations with a dedicated 9-5 commitment, she embodies the very principles of ambition and growth that she imparts to her clients. This dual role enhances her ability to offer relevant, real-world advice and insights.

Understanding the dynamics of a professional lifestyle, Leslie ensures that thoughtful and impactful responses are provided throughout the day. We ask for your understanding as responses may take up to 24 hours, ensuring each interaction is infused with the quality and attentiveness you deserve. Whether addressing complex challenges or seeking continuous inspiration, this service is designed to seamlessly integrate into your life, empowering you to make informed decisions and deepen your connection with your authentic leadership style, all while Leslie leads by example in her own professional journey.

*About Voxer | Voxer is an innovative walkie-talkie and messaging app that blends the convenience of texting with the personal touch of voice communication. It allows users to send voice messages in real time, as well as text messages, images, and videos. One of the key features of Voxer is its ability to record messages that can be listened to immediately or at a later time, making it an incredibly flexible tool for ongoing communication. This feature is especially beneficial for busy professionals who may not always be able to respond or listen in real-time. Voxer also provides a more personal and nuanced way to communicate compared to traditional texting or email, as tone and emotion are conveyed more effectively through voice. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it easily accessible. In the context of mentorship, Voxer enables a continuous, accessible, and personal connection between the mentor and the client, enhancing the experience of guidance and support.

60-Minute Zoom Mentor Session - "Elevate Hour" $222 CDN

Engage in a powerful and personalized "Elevate Hour," a 60-minute Zoom mentor session tailored for visionary women in the business realm.

Leslie Rochelle, while actively pursuing her own career aspirations within a 9-5 framework, is excited to extend her wealth of experience and intuitive mentorship to you. These sessions are thoughtfully scheduled to accommodate the busy lifestyles of both mentor and client, offering convenient evening slots and occasional availability on Saturdays.

This structure is designed with the understanding that growth and development thrive when balanced with professional commitments. During each "Elevate Hour," Leslie delves into your unique challenges and goals, offering a space for profound personal and professional transformation.

The session is more than just mentorship; it's an opportunity to mirror Leslie's journey, embracing both career advancement and personal evolution. Here, you'll find a blend of strategic guidance, empathetic listening, and tailored insights, all aimed at elevating your journey in leadership and self-discovery.

"You know that feeling of frustration you get when you don't know which course of action to take? Or maybe you are struggling to achieve a work/life balance that makes you feel fulfilled. Leslie is a person who can help you examine your options and make choices or reframe your situation in a way that is consistent with your personal values and beliefs. This unique ability is one of the many reasons Leslie became such a beloved leader to begin with. Leslie is not about denying who you are, she is about self-awareness, validating your own uniqueness and giving it meaningful context."



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