"I believe that leaders can develop a sense of inner strength and wisdom that will not only enhance their effectiveness in their roles, but also enrich their lives and the lives of those around them."


I'm Leslie Rochelle!

Intuitive Leadership Accelerator, Founder of Leslie Rochelle Coaching & Consulting and The Resourceful Leader, International Best-Selling Author, lover of nature, coffee, and a healthy dose of learning.

I’ve been in the leadership space for almost two decades, it hasn’t always been fun, meaningful, or fulfilling in the slightest. So, in 2021 after seeing a major gap in the leadership arena, I created my business to support leaders like you so that you can create your greater impact.

I absolutely love seeing the transformations!

"My mission is to empower leaders to tap into their potential and guide them on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. By integrating principles of spirituality into my mentorship program, I aim to foster a deeper understanding of oneself, one's purpose, and one's connection to the greater good. Through this process, I believe that leaders can develop a sense of inner strength and wisdom that will not only enhance their effectiveness in their roles, but also enrich their lives and the lives of those around them."

I have had the privilege of being a mentor, coach, and facilitator and spent 14 years supporting a multi-billion-dollar organization. As the first visible female leader at our site location, I became the go-to for the new & emerging female leaders in this heavily male dominated environment.

With vast experience & knowledge in overcoming personal obstacles to become my best leader allows me to support you in a very meaningful way. The passion I have for mentoring entrepreneurs, business owners, and cooperate leaders is driven from a desire to support that earlier version of myself and live into my philosophy of Learn. Do. Teach.

I am not your average leadership mentor by any means. With my own special skill sets, I use these gifts & talents to guide the greatest impact in my client’s lives.

It’s time to access the energy of your personal & professional leadership potential to create your greater impact.


The Intuitive Approach

I'm blessed with a wide variety of tools & skills in my toolkit to support you from a wholistic perspective.

As someone who is a consummate learner and fascinated with human behavior, I have spent over two decades learning and applying a variety of skills from Life Coaching Certification, Leadership Development, Cohort Facilitation, Formal and Informal Mentoring Partnerships, NLP Master Certification, and Practitioner Certification in Time Line Therapy™. I beautifully blend these with my lived experience and Intuitive nature to support you on a deeper level allowing you to unlock your greatest potential.

Not your average mentor by any stretch of the imagination. If you are ready to pause, take a breath, and are prepared to create greater self-awareness than ever before to unlock your leadership potential, I invite you reach out today. I look forward to seeing you soar.

Lead with Love

Leslie xxx

Get results like these!


I was able to connect with Leslie on a deep level and this actually led to a lot of self-discovery, and what I didn't understand or realize is that while I've been away caregiving, I had lost a bit of confidence and I really needed to work through that.


I identify you as being the prime enabler in the achievement of a long-time professional goal… You played the protagonist in the fulfilment of that goal. The experience was without a doubt the most satisfying professional encounter of my life thus far.


I’m not being dramatic when I say that this connection with Leslie was the catalyst to me completely taking back control of my life and my career. Due in no small part to her encouragement, coaching, and friendship, I am finally bringing a better and truer version of myself to the workplace and am feeling happier and more fulfilled (and successful!) as a result.


30-Days to Elevate Your Leadership Confidence

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and step courageously into your most confident leader

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