I am committed to guiding you towards unlocking your full potential. My approach is centered on understanding your unique challenges and aspirations, ensuring a harmonious balance between your personal growth and professional success.


I'm Leslie Rochelle!

Your Partner in Personal and Professional Empowerment


Welcome to a journey where personal growth meets professional advancement. Leslie Rochelle is dedicated to fostering deep connections and guiding you towards self-discovery and spiritual awareness, all tailored to harmonize with your lifestyle.

My Journey, Your Path

With my diverse background and a commitment to a career in leadership and support roles, I've learned the importance of balancing professional aspirations with personal insights. My experiences have taught me the value of nurturing our inner capabilities and the strength that comes from authenticity.

This understanding shapes my approach to coaching – a blend of practical know-how, empathetic mentorship, and a spirit of collaboration.


What I Offer

- 60-Minute Zoom Mentor Session - "Elevate Hour": In our personalized Zoom sessions, designed for the ambitious woman in business, we'll explore your unique challenges and goals. These sessions are an opportunity for you to gain new perspectives, strategic insights, and make significant strides in your personal and professional journey.


- 30-Day Voxer Mentorship - "Guided Growth Path": Experience continuous support and advice with the flexibility you need. Through Voxer, I provide real-time counsel and reflections, drawing from my own professional journey and insights. It's mentorship that adapts to your pace, helping you stay aligned with your objectives and authentic self.


Why Choose This Journey?

- Practical and Intuitive: My coaching combines practical skills with intuitive insights, giving you a comprehensive approach to growth.

- Balanced and Flexible: Designed with your busy schedule in mind, my services offer the flexibility and understanding essential for balanced growth.

- Empowering and Personalized: Every interaction is a chance for empowerment, self-discovery, and embracing your personal power.


Let's Begin

Ready to explore your potential and make impactful strides in your personal and professional life? I invite you to start this

transformative journey with me. Together, we'll unlock your true capabilities and set you on a path to a fulfilling and impactful role in your field.

Feedback from those whom I’ve had the honor of supporting:

I was able to connect with Leslie on a deep level and this actually led to a lot of self-discovery, and what I didn't understand or realize is that while I've been away caregiving, I had lost a bit of confidence and I really needed to work through that. Lauressa

I’m not being dramatic when I say that this connection with Leslie was the catalyst to me completely taking back control of my life and my career. Due in no small part to her encouragement, coaching, and friendship, I am finally bringing a better and truer version of myself to the workplace and am feeling happier and more fulfilled (and successful!) as a result. Victoria

I identify you as being the prime enabler in the achievement of a long-time professional goal… You played the protagonist in the fulfilment of that goal. The experience was without a doubt the most satisfying professional encounter of my life thus far. Ben


Unlock Your Inner Brilliance with Personalized Affirmations

Transform Your Mindset, Embrace Your Potential, and Create a Life Filled with Joy and Purpose

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