How to assemble a thriving group of contractors to create a dream team that runs like clockwork. 

So you can move past that income plateau without working nights and weekends or spending all your time micro-managing others.

Hi! I'm Leslie Rochelle

Intuitive Leadership Accelerator, Founder of Leslie Rochelle Coaching & Consulting, International Best-Selling Author, lover of nature, coffee, and a healthy dose of learning.

I’ve been in the leadership space for almost two decades, it hasn’t always been fun, meaningful, or fulfilling in the slightest. So, I created my practice in 2021 after seeing a major gap in the leadership arena. I support entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders to accelerate their business and careers by accessing the energy of their unique leadership potential so that they can create their greater impact.

Ways you and I can work together!

1:1 Leaders Mentorship Services

Our services are designed to provide you with personalized support based on your individual requirements. This unlimited 1:1 support model will allow you to move further faster along your personal & professional leadership journey.

Products & Resources

Digital products, E-books and resources

From the depths of my soul, I’d like to appreciate Leslie Rochelle, who coached me through a fully immersive & transformational breakthrough day. We spent 10 hours working through the very core of my leadership and business mindset to uncover the limiting beliefs and remove all the emotions which have held me back for almost my entire career. From very young age, I had the confidence and natural ability to lead others, and I had lost my confidence and self-belief through the years. Leslie’s coaching brilliance has helped me uncover my true value again and release my inner potential.



30-Days to Elevate Your Leadership Confidence Challenge

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and step courageously into your most confident leader.

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