Client Success Stories

Check out these success stories from some amazing souls! When you show up and do the work, magic happens, and you can achieve massive success in your life wholistically. I'd love to see your story added here as well. xxx

Janine K.

"Leslie was so awesome to work with. Her energy and expertise was such a balm to me. I absolutely loved her gentle and focused energy and her beautiful way of bringing in structure in a nurturing way. Thank you"

~ Janine K. Personal Leadership Coach

Delphine O.

"My session with Leslie was really supportive and clarifying, as well as motivating. It helped me to reframe what leadership actually means to me, and to trust my ability to lead from my inner wisdom and intuition. She offered me practical guidance on strategy and goals, as well as helping me to see where I need to step into my power and agency more. Leslie helped me see how I can lead in a way that truly works for me and reflects who I am at a deeper soul level. She is at the forefront of shaping a new paradigm of leadership, that balances external action and achievements with intuitive wisdom and flow, for more powerful results. I'm grateful to have benefited from Leslie's wealth of experience, and her encouraging, sparkling energy!"

~ Delphine O Pychotherapist & Intuitive Guide

Victoria S.

“I first connected with Leslie in 2019. I was going through a tough time at work - I felt overwhelmed, inadequate, isolated, and anxious. I was at a breaking point (or already way past it if I’m being honest with myself) when a colleague suggested I reach out to Leslie. I’m not being dramatic when I say that this connection with Leslie was the catalyst to me completely taking back control of my life and my career. Due in no small part to her encouragement, coaching, and friendship, I am finally bringing a better and truer version of myself to the workplace and am feeling happier and more fulfilled (and successful!) as a result. Leslie has a way of listening thoughtfully and giving feedback in real time. She will often point out words or phrases that I use and dig deeper with me into what those words choices convey, both to the people around me and to myself. Even simple suggestions from her on thoughtfully rephrasing my words has often completely changed my attitude toward a problem or opportunity I was facing. This is just one of the many examples of the amazing coaching that I receive from Leslie."

Carmen L.

“From the depths of my soul, I’d like to appreciate Leslie Rochelle, who coached me through a fully immersive & transformational breakthrough day. We spent 10 hours working through the very core of my leadership and business mindset to uncover the limiting beliefs and remove all the emotions which have held me back for almost my entire career. From very young age, I had the confidence and natural ability to lead others, and I had lost my confidence and self-belief through the years. Leslie’s coaching brilliance has helped me uncover my true value again and release my inner potential. I’d recommend her full VIP program to you if you just know deep down that there is more for you to achieve in your career or profession. Appreciate you, Leslie!!!”

Lauressa C.

“My name is Lauressa Cameron and I'm an instrumentation journey person in the oil and gas industry. I am currently re-entering the workforce after being away for several years caregiving and raising my children. I was looking for a program that would help kickstart my leadership and dust off some of the cobwebs with adult interaction. When I had seen Leslie's program, Your Leader Within, I was able to connect with her in a deep level and this actually led to a lot of self-discovery, and what I didn't understand or realize is that while I've been away caregiving, I had lost a bit of confidence and I really needed to work through that. Leslie really mentored me through these obstacles and cheered me on and gave me a path forward and continuing my growth and self-care. This has been the best gift that I have been able to receive for myself and I highly recommend Leslie Rochelle Coaching and Consulting. It's an investment in yourself that you will not regret.”

Ben S.

“It provides for a stoic moment of reflection (for me) in the journey we’ve dubbed a career. Amidst all the fluidity and uncertainty of the last month this is (to date) the most personally impactful… I identify you as being the prime enabler in the achievement of a long-time professional goal… You played the protagonist in the fulfilment of that goal. The experience was without a doubt the most satisfying professional encounter of my life thus far. Since that marked day, you have modeled a new (and unexpectedly) perspective on leadership and truly have been a key influencer toward the change in my understanding of professional development and a leadership mindset. I had figured I held a strong grasp on the concept of leadership qualities and was convinced I didn’t possess them. You sparked a transition into a deeper understanding of the human nature of leadership that I hope has only begun. I mention these to highlight the marked impact you’ve had not only on my profession but my financial and thereby personal wellbeing. In addition to my broader perspective of humans and the fascinations of human nature.”

Kristy T.

“Working with Leslie has helped me in many ways, probably too many to list. I have been able to find confidence in myself, and I am now recognized for the same abilities that I once had insecurities about. With Leslie’s support, I have been able to find and map out the right path for me, I am not afraid to change my direction as I now know it is my responsibility to myself to clear my own way to success as no one else will do it for me. I no longer feel overwhelmed and carry less stress at and outside of work. As well, with Leslie’s guidance, I was able to develop self-respect and confidence in myself. I know I have continuous support from Leslie to work through any issues (big or small). Leslie truly cares and wants everyone to succeed, she is experienced, insightful and caring. Anyone working with Leslie will be able to discover their abilities in themselves and build a stronger foundation for success.”

Ehimen O.

I had an eye-opening conversation with you and had no idea leadership was an ever-evolving learning experience. From the personality quiz you recommended to several questions I asked that were answered during our conversation. You are definitely a coach I would love to keep coming back to, mainly because you choose to relate to our experiences. Thank you once again and I look forward to being coached by you!

Donna B.

“You know that feeling of frustration you get when you don't know which course of action to take? Or maybe you are struggling to achieve a work/life balance that makes you feel fulfilled. Leslie is a person who can help you examine your options and make choices or reframe your situation in a way that is consistent with your personal values and beliefs. This unique ability is one of the many reasons Leslie became such a beloved leader to begin with. Leslie is not about denying who you are, she is about self-awareness, validating your own uniqueness and giving it meaningful context.”

Zanna M.

“When Leslie offered me a Leadership Audit, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But when I received the survey, I was thrilled – because Leslie asked questions that had me digging deep to find answers – about myself, about my thoughts on leadership, about my leadership abilities. While I enjoyed the process of self-exploration immensely, the best part was when Leslie and I were able to review the audit together. She helped me to dig even deeper to get clarity on what I want, what makes me special, how I can integrate my truths into my business’ message. It was exactly what I needed. My work with Leslie, in just 30 minutes, kickstarted my recommitment to my business, to understanding myself better and to a brighter future for myself. It was a gift I didn’t know I needed! Thank you, Leslie!”

Nina S.

“You are very supportive of every team member, you set clear expectations for everyone on our team. You never miss a 1:1 meeting to just find out how we are doing. Your joyfulness and positivity are contagious. We have the best team morale I've ever seen in any position. You are great at providing feedback at the right moment and help keep the team focused. You are confident and encourage & assist in our development no matter what our end goal is. You encourage the team to come up with our own solutions versus just giving us the answer which encourages our problem solving and decision-making skills. There is honestly so much more that you offer to our team than others have. You truly care for your team and our success is driven from the practices and values that you have passed on to us. You are a great mentor! Women in the field could benefit from your skills to build their confidence and help them develop the voice so many individuals wish they had. Other leaders could benefit from your skills and how you take everything you learn and put it into action.”

Kelly S.

“Leslie is genuinely interested and concerned with team and personal growth as well as development within the team. This is shown through encouragement on developing team members instead of everyone staying status quo. She encouraged me to take on more of a facilitating role during meetings so I can develop public speaking skills. She is very respectful, professional and promotes & supports a highly cross-functional team. We have been given the challenge and tools to cross-train. Every member of the team adds value and is very diversified. Leslie promotes and supports the mentorship programs and has an open-door policy and will always take time to hear me out, whether it is specifically job related or discussions about personal growth and development. Leslie is a supporter of Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace, has high emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills. She knows how to quickly think out a situation and come up with a solution or better yet, fire it back to the team to come up with a solution. These skills are very appropriate for the position she holds. Leslie is one of the strongest supervisors I have had the pleasure to work with.”

Rob W.

“Shout out to Leslie who is Amazing! I just did her leadership audit, and it was much more than I expected. Before I had many old beliefs that weren’t serving me now, I’m in a position to try different approach’s and I feel now a lot wiser about leadership. Would I recommend Leslie? Absolutely!”

Mike P.

“Leslie sets clear direction to her team; team performance and individual contributions are always being communicated out. Leslie has given team members the opportunity to step up and out of their comfort zones throughout the time I have worked with her. If the individual has requested more, "I want to be a leader", I have seen her give those individuals the opportunity to take on enhanced responsibility. Leadership values are in full alignment with our vision and our mission. Team meetings are tailored to ensure safety, integrity, accountability, and performance. Through clear expectations, and a trustworthy attitude, I feel I am positioned to be able to deliver on my accountability's. Leslie has a unique way of "pushing you to do better", I have moments where I wonder if I can continue to deliver to her expectations; in some weird way that has me putting in that little bit extra.”

Disclaimer: Client results are individual to the individual themselves and reflect their specific results based on the effort they put forth and may or may not represent the results that you will achieve.

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