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Leaders Make Mistakes Too… It’s how you get back up that matters

November 15, 20225 min read

Leaders Make Mistakes Too… It’s how you get back up that matters

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes… even as leaders we do.

The good news is that leaders are learners, so you get to look at these missteps as opportunities or obstacles…that perspective and ultimate choice is yours.

  • A person of/in authority does not equal leadership…

  • A supervisory position does not equal leadership…

  • A managerial position does not equal leadership…

Leadership is truly in a class all its own, few will accept the responsibility of true leadership. You being here and reading this is your sign that you are the few. Celebrate that!

To fully embrace your responsibility as a leader, you also accept the challenges and the learnings that accompany that responsibility. As lousy as these challenges can seem at the time, there is opportunity here…there always is. Afterall, leadership is neither a title nor a position, it is a way of being.

Once you say yes to growth of any kind, personal or professional, you will be provided with situations, environments, and people that will expedite your growth and evolution as a leader. Saying yes to expansion is your universal signal to bring it to you.

You’re welcome for the heads up on that one😊 It’s a lifelong commitment and oh so worth it!

No need to fear this, once you accept that reality you are better prepared to face each challenge head on and learn the skills necessary to work through ‘mistakes’ quicker than you have the in past. We’re not taking a side-step and by-passing the learning, if you do, it’ll come back again…I promise…until you work through it and get to the other side with the learning.

So, how does one ‘work through’ that mistake, challenge, obstacles in your way?

First, allow yourself to feel it, like really feel it. I tell my son, you can feel whatever you want to feel, there are no bad feelings and remember to follow the 3 rules…don’t hurt yourself, don’t hurt anyone else, and don’t hurt anything else.

Second, get curious about it. Ask yourself, ask the Universe, ask whatever higher power you believe in…the reasons for bringing this to you. You may not get a response immediately and that’s ok. The question is out there and will be answered when you’re ready to hear it.

Third, journal it out! Yes this is a pen to paper exercise, transfer that energy to the paper via you through the pen to the paper. Write until your hand can’t write anymore, no spell checking. Doesn’t even matter if you can read your writing after you get it out, simply get it out. Do not re-read it, simply thank the experience, and then destroy your writing. Shred it, tear it in to a thousand pieces, whatever safe way you have to destroy it. Then…physically get it out of your space.

Fourth, decide the meaning you’re giving to the ‘event’…this is a choice. The only meaning anything has is the meaning that we give to it.

Fifth, decide where you go from here. Here lies a pivot step…do you go back to the YOU before the event or do you choose a different option?

The steps above may take you minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years. That’s up to you and once you continue this exercise for each ‘mistake’, challenge, or obstacle, it’ll be quicker each time.

Listen, I’ve had several experiences that have dropped me to my knees not only in my personal life, in my professional life as well. Leadership has brought me some tough situations that I’m thankful for as they’ve allowed me to grow and have ultimately allowed me to create that greater impact. The past 2 years have not only tested my faith, but it has also tested my trust, resolve, and resiliency. The mistake or end of something is not failure unless you don’t get back up.

I’ve chosen time and time again to get back up and move forward with the newfound knowledge to progress along my path. I want this for you!

I want you to get back up. I want you to thrive. I want to see the exponential grow on others because you chose expansion. The world needs more leaders like you because you’ve decided to learn and grow thus allowing others to do the same.

I encourage you to take the “What’s the #1 Leadership Mistake You Are Potentially Making” quiz to find out what is possibly limiting your leadership growth.

It’s time to change the leadership standards from ourselves to our families, to our businesses, organizations, and government.

You are invited to check out our Leaders Mentorship services that will help you to establish/re-establish your fundamentals and ultimately transform your leadership.

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